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I have launched a subset of my personal site dedicated to road related topics - right now it's starting with a set of exit guides for Wisconsin freeways and expressways - though it is still incomplete.  Some of it may be redundant,  but I'm endeavoring to cover the state in its entirety. 

The site
The blog

You are linked from my (somewhat paltry) WI page.  Keep it up!

I added you to the links on the AARoads Blog too  :colorful:

Likewise, I've added you to the links on the - Wisconsin index page.  Great start so far, Scott!

A few updates were just added.  Also added new guides for a bunch of shorter, signed freeways.

* I-535 (Superior)
* I-794 (Milwaukee)
* I-894 (Milwaukee)
* WIS 30 (Madison)
* WIS 441 (Appleton)
I also made some corrections on the existing guides.

for a complete history of updates, see


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