Excluding states that border yours, what out of state plates do you mostly see?

Started by OCGuy81, March 06, 2024, 04:39:04 PM

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Quote from: MikieTimT on May 17, 2024, 09:24:29 PMTexas is in the process of colonizing our area, especially given that the University of Texas has pretty high admission standards as well as price, so the University of Arkansas has almost as many students from Texas as from Arkansas given that they get in state tuition as we're neighborly that way.  So we see tons from Texas, dwarfing all of the other states listed above combined.  And I-49 up here has really crappy drivers as a result!

s/Arkansas/Oklahoma/g and s/49/35/ and you've described Norman to a tee. (Although I don't think Texans get in-state tuition in Oklahoma, not that it seems to matter much.)
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Saw a plate today I have never seen before in Virginia: I was on my way home from the grocery store and passed a nice green Mini Cooper with Veracruz plates.
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Here in Lawton I see license plates from all over the country, due in part to Fort Sill. The post is home to one of the Army's boot camps and officers candidate schools. Quite a few soldiers attend AIT here. The Air Defense Artillery School and Counter UAS (Drones) school moved here in recent years. Family members from all over show up to attend graduations. A lot of people who retire from the Army stay in Lawton or move here. I think it's because their retirement pay can go a lot farther in Oklahoma than it can elsewhere in the country.

In recent years there has been a modest influx of new arrivals from coastal states. Out of states that don't border Oklahoma I think the car tags I see the most are ones from California and Georgia. A few plates from New York appear here and there. Same for Utah.


I remember seeing these license plates in Solano County as a kid but never knew the Hawaii state DMV Changed their license place design recently.


But then again there are more Texas and Washington State License plates now in my neighborhood given that some of these people who are in my area have to find a place to live because places like Berkeley,  San Francisco, Oakland are too expensive to live in. Or they are in households where the family is split in commuting patterns between Sacramento and Bay Area.

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Just about every U-Haul van I see here deep in the hearta' has Arizona tags.


In Chicago area, first Minnesota plates, Tennessee in 2nd place, Ohio 3rd. Just my observation. 



I seem to notice a lot of Massachusetts and New Jersey plates lately.
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(Fictional/fantasy Highways musing follows) Imagining the 'out of state' plates that we could be seeing here if the Pan-American Highway were to be completed through the Darien gap :spin: . . .



Quote from: mgk920 on June 06, 2024, 11:30:04 AM(Fictional/fantasy Highways musing follows) Imagining the 'out of state' plates that we could be seeing here if the Pan-American Highway were to be completed through the Darien gap :spin: . . .

Given that I can only recall seeing a plate from a Mexican state once, and never anything from Central America, something tells me South American plates wouldn't be seen often even if the Pan-American Highway were completed.
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Especially when its just easier to fly.

I mean, I'm not driving to Buenos Aries...


In Houston TX, it seems to be Florida plates.  I also see a good number of Tennessee plates.

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