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US 82 Texas Corridor Study

Started by splashflash, December 31, 2022, 05:23:36 PM

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The plans for a "US-82 relief route" for Gainesville have been in development for several years. Unfortunately those plans consist only of a quarter partial loop from I-35 South of Gainesville up to US-82 East of Gainesville.

That's a pretty dopey concept for a "US-82 relief route."

An actual US-82 relief route around Gainesville would have both ends of the relief route terminating at US-82 both East and West of Gainesville. The relief route would go around Gainesville either to the North or South of town. The, uh, thing they're studying only looks like a partial relief route for I-35 traffic, not US-82 traffic.

I think a US-82 North bypass around Gainesville would be more feasible to build. The new terrain route could start around Whitesboro and work due West, bypassing Gainesville to the North. Then the freeway could drop down into the existing US-82 route West of Gainesville. TX DOT could still build a partial loop highway around Gainesville. But the North side or quadrant could be doubled up with a proper US-82 bypass route.

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