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Title: Texas Minute Orders
Post by: roadman65 on May 11, 2022, 09:07:15 AM
Iím sure many off you have visited the TxDOT page here to check up on the official things of all designated highways with the Lone Star State.


Does anyone know how to pull up minute orders for NASA Road 1 and OSR?

I tried but first of all are they State Highways, Park Roads, Spurs, or what?  TX SH 1 is not NASA Road 1, and their search window donít recognize letter entries for the Old Spanish Road either.

How do find them in the search engine for Minute Orders?
Title: Re: Texas Minute Orders
Post by: Mapmikey on May 11, 2022, 09:29:14 AM
Per https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/division/transportation-planning/highway-designation/glossary.html they are state highways.

Search 'state highway" with no route number.  Nasa 1 and OSR are the last two entries in the list.
Title: Re: Texas Minute Orders
Post by: J N Winkler on May 12, 2022, 12:03:02 AM
The highway designation files for a number of routes are not directly accessible because of the type validation issue for the number search box, but besides the approach Mapmikey suggests (empty search), they can be Googled, e.g. {TxDOT Beltway 8 highway designation file}, and some are amenable to guessing via URL string substitution (substitution of the alphabetic designation for a route number zero-filled to four-character width).

Direct links for a few of the one-offs:

*  SH OSR (http://www.dot.state.tx.us/tpp/hwy/sh/shosr.htm)

*  SH NASA 1 (http://www.dot.state.tx.us/tpp/hwy/sh/shnasa.htm)

*  Beltway 8 (http://www.dot.state.tx.us/tpp/hwy/sl/sl0008.htm) (officially in the SL, formerly LP, route group as SL 8)