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Fix 50 Project(CA-50/I-80 Business DT Sacramento)

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Plutonic Panda:
This project will completely reconstruct the freeway and add HOV lanes from I-5 to Folsom BLVD. Lots of needed projects about to be underway in the area.
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Project website:

Update from Construction Equipment Guide:

--- Quote --- Overseen by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the $480 million Fix50 project will see a long-awaited upgrade of the busy section of Highway 50, a key corridor in mid-town and East Sacramento (Sacramento County), with the addition of high-occupancy vehicle lanes; widening of 12 bridges; and newly-built retaining walls.

"This is one of the largest projects in the Sacramento region, one of the largest projects we've seen in a very long time," said Angela DaPrato, public information officer of Caltrans District 3.
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Plutonic Panda:
Project extents:

Project plans:

Work has been underway on this project for several months now.  Lots of traffic shifts, and roadside temporary signs in place of overhead signs which had to be removed.  Theyíre also splitting traffic in the eastbound direction between Howe and Watt.   Itís one of two big projects underway here in Sacramento.  The other one is the new HOV lanes under construction on I-5 between Elk Grove and downtown.   

When I last drove through the US-50 project a few days ago one of the things I noticed is that they are installing aluminum light standards instead of the galvanized steel poles that Caltrans has traditionally used.  This caught me by surprise.  I am not sure if we changed our standards or what and I have been wanting to look into this a little more but just havenít been able to yet.  I only know of one other project where aluminum poles were used and that was in District 4 at the I-880/CA-237 interchange when that was rebuilt a few years ago.

Plutonic Panda:
^^^ I know there is another thread for this but is the Capital City project still on track to begin in 2023?

Iím assuming this project wraps around 2025 given itís scope so thatíll be two massive projects around downtown. Will be very nice once completed.

"SR 80" shield for BR 80 on the map, groan.  :ded:


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