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AASHTO Spring 2022 Meeting


This year's Spring meeting is to be held in person in New Orleans in less than a month now, on May 9-12. The Special Committee on US Route Numbering is to hold its meeting on May 9 in late afternoon according to the draft agenda (available at: )

Hopefully an in-person meeting will encourage a more prompt posting of the committee decisions. They still have not posted the interstate applications from the Fall 2021 meeting on the committee website. I have a funny feeling NCDOT will announce the opening date of I-885 after May 12.

Nothing on the Spring meeting so far, but it looks like they did post the Fall 2021 results on their site:

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The results from the SCOURN meeting are renowned for taking sometime to come through. October's meeting took just over 3 months to arrive in February.

Some progress. The USRN committee page has been updated with an application for the October 2022 meeting in Orlando. However, they still have not posted the results of the Spring 2022 meeting as of this evening. Perhaps within the next 2 months?

While the applications for the Spring Meeting still have not been posted, the date and time for the Fall 2022 Meeting in Orlando is available: Wed. Oct. 19, 4:00 to 5:30PM.


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