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Georgia Guardrail:
How many interchanges have you experienced (or know about) that the road levels have been flipped? 

For instance, there was an old interchange where Highway A went over Highway B, but in the newly designed interchange, Highway B goes over Highway A. 

Some of this info probably can be accessed using USGS.

Here are some I know about.

In Chattanooga, I-75 used to go over I-24 but now the new interchange has I-24 go over I-75.

In Atlanta for the old northern split (mid-1980s and prior), I-75 used to go over I-85 but that was flipped by the late 80s I believe.

In Frankfort, Kentucky, US 60 used to go under Leestown Pike in a trumpet type interchange prior to the late 1970s.  Now Leestown Pike goes under US 60 in a SPUI alignment.

In Washington, Pennsylvania, on the Eastern split, I-70 used to go over I-79, but now I-79 flies over I-70.

In St Louis, Missouri I-64 used to go over both I-55 and I-70 on the eastern side of the city.  Now I-70 goes over both I-64 and I-55.

I-394/MN 100 in Golden Valley, MN (per froggie) - was I-394 on top and MN 100 on bottom, flipped to MN 100 on top and I-394 on bottom

I-95 at Exit 140 in Virginia - VA-630 Courthouse Road

In the original configuration, Courthouse Road passed underneath I-95 with a traditional diamond interchange. Courthouse Road was widened and relocated a few years back to travel over I-95 with a new diverging diamond interchange.

The original road still travels under I-95 just north of the new interchange and I believe will be used for a direct ramp to the reversible HO/T lanes currently under construction.

I believe this subject has been addressed before basing this on the US 7/I-189 interchange in Burlington, VT where I-189 overpassed US 7 when first completed.  Now US 7 overpasses I-189.  Some other member may know when the reconstruction occurred for the change (late 1970's, early 1980's?).

Big John:
US/I-41 at WI 21 and US/I-41 at US 45 in Oshkosh WI.


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