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Two points on the map that have an invisible common interest


I canít word it better, but maps show many things, but when it comes to states that have hidden routes, many things go unseen as some maps donít print them at all.

For example, look at the border entrees in Tennessee of US 72 ( east side near South Pittsburg) and US 27 in Chattanooga. If you first looked at you would say that the only thing both have in common is that both entry points are on the southern border of the state, but that is not the only thing of common interest both have. TN SR 27 has both of its terminuses at both border entries  which is not first noticed at glance of a typical map unless some state route publications feature it. From what I have seen RM omits SR 27 overlaps with US routes. Either due to space limitations or just donít sign them, itís not that obvious to one to look at the map.

Any others that are not noticed on the typical map or letís say, obvious at looking at the map?


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