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The International bridges are all over 2,000 feet but only half the bridge is in Michigan in each case. Also the Rouge River Bridge also on I-75 is longer than the Zilwaukee Bridge is.


--- Quote from: triplemultiplex on August 10, 2022, 11:58:25 AM ---Seems the authors got fact-checked out of their "third longest bridge" claim.  They pointed to M-231 over the Grand River.
To me, I think they've got more than 2,000 feet of the 3 (soon to be 4) international bridges in their state so that further dilutes the claim.

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Granted, it was 7 years ago, but $151 million paid for the entire 2-lane M-231 bypass, including a 300' ROW, several overpasses, and 7 miles of 2-lane roadway.

It sounds like, being a new build bridge, Grand Traverse County is being forced to build a high structure here, which certainly jacks up the costs. It's also not clear what amount of money is dedicated to other improvements along Hartman-Hammond to accommodate the anticipated traffic.

The costs don't stop at the new bridge, however. It will also require heavy maintenance costs to keep it functional through its design life, which may or may not be sustainable. It's not like county governments in Michigan are doing so hot at bridge maintenance on much lesser spans.

MDOT is planning a $50 million upgrade for Michigan Ave between Campus Martius and I-96.
Michigan Avenue in Detroit's Corktown to undergo $50 million overhaul

--- Quote ---The project, scheduled to start in 2024, is intended to tie into Ford Motor Co.'s renovation of Michigan Central Station, the nation's first wireless EV-charging road and the broader vision of creating a "connected corridor" from Detroit to Ann Arbor.

The Detroit Mobility and Innovation Corridor will include:

Expanded sidewalks and pedestrian amenities such as seating, lighting and street trees
[*]Raised bike lanes at sidewalk level for areas with existing lanes, new dedicated and buffered bike lanes downtown and bike racks

[*]Two center-running dedicated lanes for transit vehicles and for connected and autonomous vehicles, with transit signal priority to limit waiting time

[*]Concrete transit islands and new shelters with improved amenities

[*]Additional/enhanced mid-block pedestrian crossings with improved markings and islands

[*]New signalized intersections

The red brick drag at the heart of Corktown, beloved for its historical value but bemoaned by motorists for its poor condition, will be replaced by new red concrete pavers while the old brick "will be carefully removed, restored, and reincorporated into other aspects of the roadway's design," according to the RAISE grant application.
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--- Quote from: afguy on August 08, 2022, 08:23:35 PM ---Here's a rendering the "braid" design that MDOT is constructing to take EB and WB I-696 traffic to NB I-75 as part of the I-75 Modernization Project in Oakland County. Work on the I-75/I-696 interchange is supposed to wrap up in November.

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Here's another sketch showing the complete movements:

Why are all highways in Michigan called Trunklines?


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