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I live in far NW Indiana but my office is in far southern Indiana, very near Louisville. I was working 100% from home even before COVID, but for reasons I won't get into, I'm now required to be in my office at least two days out of every two week pay period.

Partly out of a desire to clinch new highways/counties, and partly due to just hating I-65, I've taken to turning what's normally a 4.5 hour trip from home to office into 8-9 hour clinching trips.

I've already done several of these in the past, but now that they're going to be regular, I thought I'd log them here.

Date: August 14, 2022

Route: I-80/94 east, I-65 south, I-70 east, I-75 south, I-675 north, I-70 east, I-71 south, I-471 south, I-275 counterclockwise, I-74 east, I-75 south, I-71 south

New counties visited: Greene (OH), Pickaway (OH), Fayette (OH), Clinton (OH), Clermont (OH) [current total = 1012]

Routes clinched: I-675 (OH), I-71, I-471, I-275 (OH/KY/IN)

Other new route segments traveled: none

Summary: I generally prefer trips that aren't entirely interstate driving, but I had clinched the Louisville-Cincinnati portion of I-71 a long time ago and our family's 2021 summer trip to New England got me the Columbus-Cleveland portion, so all I was missing was the Cincinnati-Columbus segment. I decided to get this yesterday to make I-71 my 13th 2di clinched (with I-11 and I-74 being temporary). I also went down to pick up I-675 while I was headed to Columbus, and at Cincinnati I got the remaining segments of I-471 and I-275 I was missing.

Cool! That sounds like a great opportunity to get some new mileage.

I have a similar thread here although my clinching trip(s) have been limited compared to yours.

(note: I copied this from the previous thread and deleted my reply there.)

Date: September 5, 2022

Route: I-80 west, I-55 south, I-72 west (BL I-72 west), IL 100 south (IL 108), IL 16 east, US 67 south, IL 255/I-255 south, I-64 east

New counties visited (all in Illinois): Morgan, Scott, Pike, Calhoun, Greene, Jersey

Routes clinched: BL I-72, IL 255

Other new route segments traveled: I-72(US 36) between I-55 and BL I-72, I-72(US 36) between BL I-72 and IL 100, IL 100 between I-72 and IL 16, IL 108 between IL 100 and ferry dock, IL 16 between IL 100 and US 67, US 67 between IL 16 and IL 255, I-255 between I-270 and I-64

Summary: My first trip to the west central region of Illinois netted me six new counties, and also bagged my lowest route number not yet traveled in 108. Additionally, I got the last interstate business loop in Illinois I was missing at Jacksonville.

This trip put me over 50% of highway miles clinched in Illinois. Only 5 others in TravelMapping have reached that mark.

Date: September 11, 2022

Route: I-80/94 east, US 20 east, IN 2 east, US 20 east, IN 5 south, county roads, US 6 east, IN 3 south, county roads, I-469 west, I-69 south, I-465 south, city streets, I-465 south, I-74 east, county roads, IN 9 south, IN 252 east, county roads, US 31 south, I-65 south

New counties visited: none

Routes clinched: none

Other new route segments traveled: just a bunch of county roads

Summary: I had a longer trip planned for Sunday that would have taken me to far southern Illinois, but I had a rough Saturday and wasn't up for the earlier start so I opted for a shorter route I had in my catalog. Inspired by the "Largest city/town in your state you haven't visited," this trip took me to the five largest towns in Indiana I'd yet to visit. I clinched the entire state highway system over a year ago, but Indiana has over 100 municipalities that aren't on state highways. Topeka, Grabill, Warren Park, St. Paul and Prince's Lakes were the last five with a population I'd yet to visit. Largest I'm missing is now Summitville in Madison County, with a 2020 population of 983.


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