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good afternoon from the "yah shoor yubetcha" state (MN)

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howdy folks, you'll forgive the odd informality, I got tired of looking in from outside and decided for the first time in what's been a decade-plus - to join a forum once more.
I'm Hyan, and I originally hail from the land of Botts' dots; when the mood strikes me I'll create signs, and I actually collect a ton of 'em. (That is, when the money isn't super tight, of course.)
I don't know how brief or how long this has to be, but yeah. That's about all I do with my day if I'm not ... trying to keep my household together.

Welcome from Massachusetts!

thank you, thank you 🙏🏻


--- Quote from: Hyan on August 15, 2023, 07:55:07 PM ---I originally hail from the land of Botts' dots;

--- End quote ---

Botts' dots came from Minnesota? Learn something new every day.

Anyway, welcome from southwest Indiana! I grew up and went to grad school in your neighbor to the south.

the land of Botts' dots is California, and all peculiar things Caltrans


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