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Interchange U-Turns that are Intentional/By Design (NOT Texas U-Turns)

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I'm looking for examples of two different applications of U-turns at a freeway interchange - but NOT including the most obvious form, the Texas U-turn.

1) Cases where a U-turn (preferably at a signalized intersection) is the officially signed/designated way for traffic to enter a freeway. The example that I was thinking of is actually a jughandle, where both I-287 SB to US 202/206 SB AND US 202/206 NB to I-287 SB are facilitated by using the jughandle to make a U-turn movement, due to the two missing ramps at the interchange itself. What other examples are there of a regular or de facto u-turn being signed for a freeway entrance or exit movement?

2) Cases where there is NO parallel service or frontage road (and of course, no Texas U-turn), but where you would still get on the freeway going the wrong way just to make a U-turn at the next exit to access the freeway in the other direction. Classic example shown here, used to get from Highland Ave to NY 590 NB, this is usually a faster alternate to head north the slog that is Winton/Blossom.

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Not sure if this is what you have in mind because it's not really signed as a U-turn, but the ramp pretty clearly makes one. NB NJ-17 to SB I-287 and NB I-287 to SB NJ-17 both come to mind (both movements use the same U-turn ramp immediately south of the state line).

US 1 in Peabody with an inexplicable traffic light. (This one is a Jersey freeway.)

Whenever the MA 28 → MA 213 eastbound ramp is closed (typically due to construction), it's better to go west on 213 and then loop around.

Ebd Bristol Road to nbd I-75/US-23 in Flint, MI requires using the roundabout east of the interchange to make a U-turn and then using the ramp from wbd Bristol Road.


Would something like this qualify?  It's Interstate 41/US 45 at Watertown Plank Rd in Wauwatosa, WI.,-88.0329262,805m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu


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