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Recent Road Trip (12/16 to 12/17) - State College and Binghamton

Started by boilerup25, December 20, 2023, 02:00:07 PM

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Recently, I took a road trip to State College, PA and Binghamton, New York to accompany my brother for his college visits. During this trip, I was able to traverse miles of roadway I haven't covered yet and even clinch a few roads too.

12/16 - Left New Jersey to go to State College. Took the PA Turnpike/I-76 WB up to the I-283 interchange, and then clinched the whole length of I-283 NB. Connected to I-83 NB, I-81 SB, and US 22 WB all while following US 322 WB. Followed US 322 to State College and visited Penn State. Stayed overnight at State College.

12/17 - Left State College for Binghamton. Felt like driving the "new" section of I-99 in New York (contrary to what my GPS wanted), so I followed I-99 NB/US 220 NB to the I-80 junction, then I-80 EB, US 220 NB, and US 15 NB to the New York line, where I-99 resumes. Clinched the length of I-99 NB (and US 15 NB) in New York. Then got onto I-86 EB/NY 17 EB until NY 201, then clinched NY 201 SB. Visited the Binghamton campus before heading to Binghamton itself to get lunch, where I used NY 434 EB. After lunch, I used NY 363 EB and NY 7 EB to head to I-81 SB. Used I-81 SB all the way to the Throop-Dunmore Interchange (I-380/I-84) and clinched the length of I-380 SB in Pennsylvania. Took I-80 EB to PA 33 EB and clinched PA 33. Then took I-78 EB and clinched I-78 in New Jersey. Followed I-78 EB to the I-287 interchange in NJ, then took I-287 SB, NJ 440 NB, and the Garden State Parkway SB back home.

Routes update:
Newly clinched highways:
I-283 (all mileage)
I-99 (segment in NY)
US 15 (mileage in NY)
NY 201 (all mileage)
NY 363 (all mileage)
I-380 in Pennsylvania (all mileage)
PA 33 (all mileage)
I-78 in New Jersey (all mileage)

I do a lot of road trips with my family (like this one), as well as road trips through student organizations at Purdue, although I have had my share of solo road trips.


Photos from 12/16:

I-283 NB:

I-83 NB at I-81:

I-81 SB:

US 22/322 WB:


Photos from 12/17:

I-99 NB/US 220 NB in Pennsylvania:

I-99 NB/US 15 NB in New York:

I-86 EB/NY 17 EB:

NY 201 SB:

I-380 SB:

PA 33 SB:

I-78 EB across the Delaware River from PA to NJ:

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