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Commodore Barry Bridge

Started by Ian, February 17, 2009, 07:09:40 PM

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Okay. This past Sunday, I took a trip down to Wilmington Delaware and then back to Chester and Marcus Hook, PA to get some photos of really neat signals in that area. Now I ended up underneath the Commodore Barry Bridge which carries US 322 from Chester, PA to south New Jersey. When I was under it, I saw some intense construction was going on: they were wither widening it or they were building a new side to it!! Anyone know anything about this??

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Yes, it should be for the new MLS soccer stadium, where the new Philadelphia franchise will play.


Ground broke in December for the 20,000-seat Major League Soccer stadium. The new Philadelphia franchise will begin play in 2010 and is indeed adjacent to the Commodore Barry Bridge.


Quote from: froggie on February 18, 2009, 06:15:47 AM
I was on the Commodore Barry Bridge Thursday evening. No sign of construction on the bridge itself.

Given the nature of the main span, it'd kinda be tough to widen it to begin with...

Traffic volumes do not warrant doing anything to this bridge. A great way, by the way, to bypass messes at the Del. Mem. on weekends.


I heard, I think, that they were building new ramps to access the Philly waterfront.


Quote from: yanksfan6129 on May 26, 2009, 08:58:27 AM
I heard, I think, that they were building new ramps to access the Philly waterfront.
I believe that's the plan with the new soccer stadium being built there
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