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NY: Sign collapse closes NYC bridge

Started by Scott5114, March 27, 2009, 07:05:25 PM

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A truck ran into a gantry on the Whitestone Bridge in Queens, bringing it toppling down, tearing the sign in half, and closing the bridge.

More here:
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I've never seen a sign collapse like that.  Well New York's freeway system became an extra-huge parking lot than usual :-/
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A truck hit a sign bridge on Interstate 805 in San Diego, sending it crashing down onto the freeway:

This sign bridge collapsed on January 23, 2006, when a recycling truck with its bin raised hit the sign bridge... Only one person was injured, and no one was killed. ...A new sign was installed about a year after the accident; the new sign features exit numbers and is on a more modern kind of sign bridge support structure.

The replacement:


And for what its worth, what the sign that got knocked down looked like before:

And if you have not heard, the MTA approved a 24% toll hike on its facilities for mid-July.


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Wasn't there another sign collapse in Tennessee a couple of years ago as well? I believe that one just fell on its own.


Well, we had one fall on I-65 south at Exit 68 (Cool Springs Blvd.) just last year.  It had two large BGS cantilevered. The sign has since been replaced with one that spans the southbound lanes and is anchored at both ends.
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