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Old Traffic Signals

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Those are some great pics.  Thanks so much for posting those, aaroads.  I've never seen any 12/8/8 signals in FL pics either.  I haven't seen too many FL installaqtions live since I've only been there twice and one of the times I was too young to remember much from the trip.  It's great to see some of their older and more interesting assemblies before they get replaced.


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P.S. The "LEFT" above the turn signal in Hellfighter's picture is amusing.  :biggrin:

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Here's an older version wildly used...

Okay, the greater Albany, NY area has a ton (no im really serious) of old signals which most include old 4way lights. Here are some of my pics...

Colonie, NY:
Albany, NY:
Cohoes, NY:

In Tarrytown, NY, not necessarely old, but interesting and typical in towns in NY:

Also, an older common NY practice: installing bottom bars to connect signals and signs:

In Westerly, RI, an older 2 color yellow/green fiber-optic arrow in fairly newer signals:

Still commonly seen in the Philadelphia metro area, an older practice where the red and green arrow are lit at the same time when the through signal is red. This is in Conshohocken:

Chester, PA has a lot of old signals:

And in a town very close to where I live:

By the Philadelphia International Airport:

Not too far from me are some ancient Crouse Hinds "art decos":

On the Massachusetts Turnpike:

Salem, MA:

Paulsboro, NJ:

Talleyville, DE (not old, but very interesting):

Seems like a lot of photos, but check them out! They are pretty interesting!

The Seattle area has some of those light-up signs attached to their signals similar to the "Left" signs in Michigan. Here is an example from the off-ramp to WA-523:

One of my signals is from Seattle and had one of those signs attatched to the bottom. But the thing is, it wasn't a light up sign, it was a normal one.
Here are photos of them:

Here is also another old signal I want to share with you. Morton Township, PA:



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