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Where else could the city add a freeway to help relieve congestion? The parkway was a nice idea, but I don't think it helps as much as it could if it were a full freeway. Considering the population of the city, I think they might need something better.

is the 24 enough of a through route to make that worthwhile?  maybe add an I-425 beltway around the east to aid north-south through traffic?

You mean 25 right? I don't think so, it was recently widened to 6 lanes, and when that happens then things start to get worse with traffic.

no, I meant 24 as in US-24, the east-west main route through there.  just worded it poorly.

I don't think many people cross through the Springs east-west, so an east-west freeway wouldn't help much.

Most through traffic through the Springs tends to be north-south. East-west traffic tends to either be going to the city or from it, not through it. Most east-west traffic in Colorado tends to go through Denver (I-70) or Pueblo (US 50) in the area. Considering 24 tends to be signed poorly at best through the city center, it's not that good as a through route right now. Any east-west freeway through the Springs would have to bypass it, and would require many exits to truly be useful. 24 could be routed onto such a bypass. Going through would not be an option due to how densely things are through downtown and through some of the current major thoroughfares, such as Platte (where US 24 enters the city from the east), Garden of the Gods/Austin Bluffs or Colorado Avenue (US 24 on the west side). As for an alternate north-south route, Powers Blvd. has seen quite a few upgrades lately, so it might make a good half-belt.


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