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Hi All !

We are planning to take the road 14 from Yellowstone to Devils Tower Wyoming, Sturgis Wyoming and Mount Rushmore South Dakota in May.
We will travel with two motorcycles  and  a pickup and trailer with three other motorcycles in the trailer.
My questions are: will it be difficult to pass Big Horn mountains with the pick up (8 cylinder)  and trailer full of bikes ?
 and will the two other motorcyles (Harley) suffer of the lack of air in high mountain ??

Thanks in advance


Moved to the correct forum.

Darn I thought this was about the little Wyoming 14 spur to the Laramie Airport .

As far as US-14 is concerned, you should be fine. You'll be up to 9000 feet, ascending about 6000 feet over the 50 miles or so between Sheridan and the pass so you're not going to be able to maintain the 65 MPH speed limit, but I'd bet you can get up it at about 40-45 MPH. It'll be slow going but you should be fine. I'm not sure how 2-stroke engines handle in thin air. 

Thanks Corco for your prompt answer !
We are going eastward so we will go down to Sheridan.
So you're not sure about these Harley bikes ? Do you think we should put them in the trailer too ?

I'd bet t hey'll be fine and that would be an insanely fun stretch of road to drive on a motorcycle, so I'd go as far as possible on the bikes


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