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Author Topic: Denton County Outer Loop  (Read 204 times)


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Denton County Outer Loop
« on: May 18, 2023, 08:57:10 PM »

Materials for the first public meeting are posted online.
The feasible alternatives are in the site presentation and are also on page 14 of this pdf

  • The universe of alternatives on page 8 was concerning due to some ridiculous alignments, but fortunately all the absurd alignments have been eliminated.
  • The east end connects directly into the Collin County Outer Loop, as expected.
  • The blue and purple alignments are most consistent with the route shown on long-term planning maps. I think those candidates are most likely to be selected, but there could be variations around the north side of Aubrey.
  • Even the most direct route has many twists and curves, more than I prefer to see. All feasible routes go well north of Aubrey.
  • The screening matrix is on page 15. On the west side, yellow and gray are the worst and seem unlikely to be selected, but the others are mostly similar. On the east side, there is little differentiation between the options.
  • Page 17 shows that the corridor will be 500 feet wide, matching the Collin County Outer Loop
  • Identification of the preferred alternative is scheduled for summer 2025. I don't know why it requires 2 years. They're listing Spring 2026 for the Record of Decision, which is soon after the alignment decision and suggests frontage road work could start in the late 2020s.
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Re: Denton County Outer Loop
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2023, 11:05:53 PM »

The Collin County Outer Loop is practically a straight shot west, which makes Denton County's decision easy. The only decision is where to cross US 377 at.


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