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--- Quote from: KEVIN_224 on December 26, 2013, 09:35:09 PM ---It sounds like the original poster was on a bus from the Port Authority to Philadelphia. I've done the route from Exit 16E in Secaucus to Exit 4 in Mount Laurel countless times myself. I have yet to take Exit 15X for the transfer station.

The one set of unused lanes which always piqued my interest was a (roughly) one-mile stretch near a northbound rest stop, somewhere between Mansfield (Exit 6) and New Brunswick (Exit 9).

--- End quote ---

That's between Exit 8A and Exit 9 near the Joyce Kilmer service area. The abandoned lanes are there from when they extended the "dual-dual" setup south from its former terminus at Exit 9 (if memory serves, the construction took place in the late 1980s). Because the Turnpike provides access to the service areas and interchanges from both carriageways, they had to build a flyover ramp at each end. The abandoned pavement there is left over from before the widening.

I believe that's the set of lanes that I read is used for State Police training. How to do car stops, set-up at accident scenes, etc.

@1995HOO: Yep! That's where those lanes are! It looks like a testing area for line striping and what not as well. As for when the dual-dual was extended southward, I'd definitely say the end of the 1980s. My first time on the New Jersey Turnpike was Friday, August 25, 1989. I distinctly remember the construction was well underway on both sides of the road...and that we stopped at a rest stop in Cherry Hill soon afterwards (on an escorted weekend tour to Washington DC, with our hotel in Arlington, VA).

I always figured the X in 15X was the next letter after W. If they ever build another exit in that area and call it 15Y, I wouldn't be surprised. 15A would be really weird. Are there any places on any freeway where they needed to add another exit after E and W or N and S pairs? If so, what was it numbered?

I think the "X" in this case is referencing a cross or transfer, hence the Lautenburg Transfer Station at that exit.


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