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hm insulators:
Two is the only even prime number.

A closed mouth gathers no feet. (I always have trouble remembering that one.)

No matter how slowly you coast up to the red light, it will never turn green until you come to a complete stop and slip into neutral.

We drive on parkways and park on driveways.

Never wear white pants to a restaurant.

There are two golf balls on the moon.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

I've got more, but those will do for now...

Revive 755:
Merging into 65 mph traffic works better at 60 mph, not 40 mph.

Living near a major road, airport, or active rail line will be noisier than not doing so.

Don't stop -- ever -- on railroad tracks. Two folks in Metro Atlanta did that on back-to-back days.

You must stop on a right turn at a red traffic light or at a stop sign.

Yield means, if you are facing the yield sign, slow down and give way to traffic not facing the yield sign. Not floor it and cause the other driver to perform an evasive maneuver.

If you're turning left at a traffic light, it's okay to enter the intersection and wait whilst attempting to turn left.

Don't do a "Hollywood" or "California Rolling Stop" -- they can be very dangerous.

Remember: The turn signal is to let the other driver know what your intentions are. Using your signal after merging or turning is fruitless.

Be well,


don't slow to 35 mph in mainline traffic to use an off-ramp :pan:

If you a 1/2 mile from your off ramp and are two or more lanes over in heavy traffic, don't cross over all those lanes to the exit, take your lumps and go to the next exit you can safely negotiate and turn around.

If you're not sure where you're going (i.e. lost), pull off the road into a parking lot or at least the shoulder to check you map, GPS, spouse, child, etc. for directions.

When a sign says "RIGHT LANE CLOSED 1500 FEET" it usually means the right lane will be closed in 1500 feet!  :pan:  Don't go down to the last second and try and barge in, you're only making the traffic backup worse!  :verymad:


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