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In Hurricane, work has started to extend the east (north) end of SR 7 from SR 9 to 600 North, likely as a city street, over new terrain.

Plutonic Panda:
I gotta say, heading SB on I-15 onto EB SR-9 to get to rush Texaco station was the most disorienting series of traffic movements I’ve ever made in a car. I felt like I was drunk by the time I got out of my car to pump gas. Anyone know what’s planned for that large vacant lot to the NW of Texaco?

US 89:
It looks like we have a new state highway: the road to the new prison west of the airport is now SR 283, according to the online highway reference.

--- Quote ---SR 283
Main Line
0 – 3.65
From the Eastbound On and Off Ramps at I-80 7200 West Interchange northerly via 7200 West; then westerly via North Frontage Road; then northerly via 8000 West; then westerly via 1400 North to the entrance of the Utah State Correctional Facility in Salt Lake County.

--- End quote ---

Take it for what it’s worth, but after visiting family over New Year’s weekend, I’ve heard that UDOT and Kane County could be looking to make a transfer of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Road—which runs between the Arizona state line north to US-89 near Mt. Carmel–from county to state jurisdiction.

A couple details that I’ve heard is that the Hancock Road (a more east-west cutoff to 89 closer to Kanab) will not be part of the transfer, and that traffic cameras will be installed at the state line and at the Sand Dunes Rd/Hancock Rd intersection.

Not saying that this will definitely happen or that it is imminent, but I feel that I’d put this on here. IMO it makes sense for drivers between Orderville/Glendale/Alton and Hurricane/St. George who don’t want to put up with the traffic through Zion NP. While AzDOT doesn’t seem to be looking to take over maintenance of the Arizona side (AKA the Cane Beds Rd.), the road is all paved from AZ-389 to US-89.

US 89:
Even if it's all paved, it doesn't exactly look state highway quality (example GSVs). I can't really see UDOT just picking 20 miles of very rural road and then spending a bunch of money to improve it. My bet is if this is to go through, Kane County is going to either have to improve the road themselves or give UDOT a significant amount of money to make those improvements.

Also, the connection to US 89 at the north end is weird. I wonder if the state would just take over the north leg or if they'd take both.


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