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--- Quote from: US 89 on January 11, 2023, 03:18:26 PM ---Even if it's all paved, it doesn't exactly look state highway quality
--- End quote ---

I bicycled that road last summer on a ride from Colorado City to the park and back. It's definitely nowhere near state quality; there were several gravel washouts that appeared to be long-term. Cane Beds Road, the connector in Arizona to AZ 389 / UT 59, is marginally better but still nowhere near, say, AZ 389 in quality.

(Then again, the single-digit traffic counts made it quite nice. I can't imagine either road with any significant amount of tourist or long-haul traffic.)

US 89:
It looks like UDOT is studying some potential upgrades in the Kimball Junction area, including the I-80/SR 224 interchange and the first half-mile or so of 224 south of there. So far, they've come up with 3 proposed alternatives:

Alternative B would be fascinating as UDOT has never done a trench-and-cover before. Those 2 lights on 224 are a mess. I'd also love to see some improvements to that SPUI that allow it to function better especially during ski season - good luck ever getting through that thing on a winter or spring Saturday morning if it's snowed in the past week.

US 89:
Per UDOT, the next stage of the Vineyard Connector (SR 176) will begin construction in a few weeks, as soon as utility line installation and relocation is done. This extension will bring the north (west) end of the road up to 1600 North, and it is projected to be done this fall.

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