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--- Quote from: Chris on March 17, 2010, 02:55:31 PM ---I believe I've read it once that AAroads was aiming at offering a video of every Interstate mile in the United States. Is there still such a project, or is it mostly focused on covering the existing gaps in photography of Interstates? The road enthusiast community has already filmed a sizeable portion of the US Interstate system (think of Freewaybrent, Freewayjim, Bryant5493 and others).

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I would never so boldly make such a claim!  :-D

These days I rarely shoot a video, and if I do, its at night when there are no photography opportunities left. You guys (you, Bryant, Jim, H.B., etc.) have modern day video well covered, so I figure why bother adding to an already wide existing array of videos.

My road video days pretty much ended in 2000 after a nine-year run with my original VHS Camcorder. Andy and I did shoot five videotapes worth of footage on our 2001 trip to Pittsburgh, but those are stuck in Hi8 format, and I have no way to even view them now. We also did a couple of videos in 2002 of New Orleans and Houston respectively, but those were done in the same format. I have about 10 dvd mini-discs of videos from 2004-09 from various cities in my current run. The last highway video I shot was in Cincinnati in November.

If you look at my youtube page, I don't even bother publishing new videos there anymore either. Too many other endeavors to undertake with running/maintaining AARoads, and converting my old VHS tapes into digital media is too time consuming......

I got an 12V to 230V transformer, so I am not dependent on batteries anymore. It works with chargers, photo cameras, video cameras and my laptop.


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