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Does anyone have a favorite international cuisine item(s) that they like?

My typical go to lunch is my homemade hand-held Mexican food like street tacos and quesadillas.  But I also like enchiladas, burritos rancheros, fajitas, flautas, tortilla soup.

Indian/South Asian:  I like Northern Indian cuisine which is Butter Chicken, Samosas, Mattar Pullao, Rotis/Chapatis.  Other regional Indian dishes I like also but Northern Indian food is the best.

Western Asian/Middle Eastern: Biryani, Chicken Kabobs, Naan bread, Shawarma

East Asian: I've never had real Chinese food, just your typical Americanized Chinese and Indo-Chinese; I also like Thai Chili Basil dish, Thai fried rice, crispy spring rolls; Korean barbecue is good too.

The only Italian I like are pizza and bruschetta.

The only African dish I've had was Jollof Rice.

Caribbean:  I like Arroz con Pollo, Jerk Chicken, Doubles, Jamaican Curry Chicken.

For Mexican food, just give me a plate of beans and rice, plus some salsa and tortillas.  Simple, cheap, filling, and I love it.  Swap out the rice for fried eggs, and it's good too.  If you feel like it, throw some extra goodies in with the rice or eggs:  diced potatoes, bits of leftover hot dog, onion, diced tomato, a crumbled-up hamburger patty, whatever you need to get rid of.

When it comes to Italian food, I'm a sucker for gnocchi.  For a quick lunch at home, though, we often opt for frozen tortellini and some pesto.

For Middle Eastern food, I like things wrapped in little packets, such as cabbage rolls.  That kind of thing can also be found in many Eastern European cuisines and East Asian cuisines as well, and I generally like them all.

No French food beats a good old pain au chocolat—a croissant with chocolate inside.

But, to answer this question in a different way...  When I read "international cuisines", I first through of foods that blend two different countries' cuisines together.

For Tex-Mex, I like burritos, and I also like burrito bowls.

For Chinese-American food, I especially like chicken cooked in garlic sauce or General Tso's sauce, and I also like the meat-on-a-stick things you can find at Chinese buffets.  Also, I like the way Chinese buffets cook green beans.

A sampling:

Mexican - Anything with Mole
Central American At Large - Pupusas
Caribbean At Large - Bake & Shark
Peruvian - Ají de Gallina
Argentinian - Churrasco con Chimichurri
Spanish - Boquerones
French - Sole Meuničre
German/Austrian - Jägerschnitzel
Italian - Cacio e Pepe
Turkish - Iksender Kabob
Georgian - Satsivi
Russian - Ostera Caviar
Lithuanian - Cepelinai
Moroccan - Pastilla
North African At Large - Shakshouka
Ethiopian - Kittfo
Indian - Lamb Korma
Burmese - Mohingga
Thai - Pananh Curry
Malaysian - Laksa
Indonesian - Rendang
Filipino - Sisig
Japanese - Uni
Chinese - Lazi Ji
Polynesian - Ota Ika

I've tried baba ghanoush once and hated it.

I heard stuff that the  Mexican Food in the United States was born in Southern California and Texas + the Chinese food in the USA was born in the Bay Area and Sacramento areas.
Some of the food we say is Chinese Food have some of their origins in Locke, California during the Gold Rush era.
This is like "Filipino Food" some of their origins came from other countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Spain, Japan and the United States before landing in the Philippines.
Case and point Lechon some of it's origins came from Spain before going to Philippines.


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