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Garaging your vehicle

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If my family had an extra garage for my car, I would happily garage it. I actually had access to a parking garage my last year at school. So I had a better situation there than I do at home! When I move out, it will be a priority for sure.

I have a detached one-car garage in a fenced-in backyard. I rotate cars that arenít registered that I keep in it. Right now one isnít in it, but one I have for sale is in the backyard just in front of it.


--- Quote from: ZLoth on September 29, 2022, 07:37:37 AM ---When I moved to Texas, one of the first things I told my mother is that our cars live in the garage, not in the driveway, and our garage is not a storage unit. It is also good as an anti-theft deterrent, especially with catalytic converter thefts on the rise. Therefore, because it is supposed to be a secure location, I like to park my car with the windows open (to air out the interior) and to keep the trunk open (to load/unload stuff). However, I keep getting told by my know-it-all neighbor that I shouldn't be doing that, as keeping the windows/trunk closed helps contain any fires. What is the current consensus on this?

--- End quote ---

I've never heard of any of this reasoning by you or your neighbor.

Unless you are an extremely unclean, unkept person with loads of trash in the car, you're not really airing it out. Most car's ventilation systems are pretty good.  A garage by its nature tends to be a dusty area with poor ventilation, so you're just adding dust and other unfiltered air into the car.

If you need to use the trunk, open and close it at the same time.  When you're out shopping, you wouldn't leave the trunk open in the parking lot just so you don't have to open it when you bring your purchases to the car, right? 

A car fire is extremely unlikely to start in the interior of a parked car unless you have combustibles within the interior, or are a smoker and potentially unextinguished matches, ashes or butts are within the car.  If you've ever driven by a car fire on the highway, have you ever seen a fire where the fire remained within the interior of the vehicle?  They usually consume the entire car, and at a fairly fast rate.

So, IMO, just park the car.  No need to overthink it.

--- Quote from: Dirt Roads on September 29, 2022, 10:20:51 AM ---I've had several friends over the years that endured car fires.  One was in a garage that burned down.  But I would be more worried about modern hybrids and electric vehicles that have high-voltage lithium batteries that are "prone to fires".

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Fixed the quotes.

In the 1980's, there was, on average, 400,000 to 450,000 vehicle fires per year.  Approximately 0 were electric car fires.

In the 1990's, there was, on average, 350,000 to 400,000 vehicle fires per year.  Approximately 0 were electric car fires.

Since 2000's, car fires have dropped significantly to roughly about 175,000 vehicle fires per year the past several years.  So, how many are non-ICE fires? No one really knows.  One of the few sources of data appears to come from a group called autoinsuranceez , and then this article notes that they don't really provide any statistics to back their findings or theories.

So, there's going to be a few partial or fully electric cars that will catch on fire.  But the theory that they're "known" to catch on fire is quite false, and ignores just how many ICE cars catch on fire each year.

well, car fires are not totally urban legend:

I don't see a reason to keep internal car volume ventilated until its wet, or is under direct sunlight. If nothing else, mice  or squirrels may find something interesting inside...

I've only had an attached garage once. I didn't lock my car or worry about the windows. I never considered leaving my trunk open but my windows were left open out of laziness and not to air out the car. There was no firewall between the garage and house, so a garage fire would have probably burned most of the house down; I never lost sleep over the lack of firewall. I've had garages elsewhere, but they were never attached and the only time it was used only for storage was when I lived in Tidewater and the single-stall garage didn't work very well for cars. I currently have a carport which works fine in the desert though I'd park in a garage if I had one.


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