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What is "The South?"

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So I've seen some arguments on the internet over the past couple months that are all trying to decide one thing: what are the bounds of the American South? I've seen several interesting takes on this; some people lump in all of Texas and Oklahoma into the south, some just generally refer to southern states as being the former confederate states, and others (such as Matt Mitchell) are hesitant to include cities such as Atlanta and Nashville as southern. As for me, here are the bounds of what I consider the South to be:

I feel that these borders properly encompass the South. I do recognize that Southern culture does have some sub-cultures, such as Appalachian culture, Mid-Atlantic (Old South) culture, Texas ranch culture, and others. However, I don't really consider them to be truly southern in culture. I know a ton of people will disagree, so what do you think encompasses the South?

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I would definitely include Richmond in the South.  Ex-in-laws from there, and there was no way they could not be considered southern.  Great people, as long as we avoided certain topics.

Where the White Castle/Krystal divide happens, where Checkers becomes Rallyís, where slaw becomes a condiment instead of a side dish. Iíve lived in both parts of the country (and have wanted to map this, but Iím lazy), but those are my starting points.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Anything below I-70

Using my experience in the South and local climate, I would go with this area:

Note that this region is very different from the Deep South, which consists of the Bible Belt (MS, AL, GA) and parts of surrounding states.


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