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Exits with a different exit number in each direction

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--- Quote from: pianocello on February 02, 2023, 10:51:05 PM ---I-69 EB from I-96 WB: Exit 91
I-69 EB from I-96 EB: Exit 89

--- End quote ---
That one even has Exit 90 for Grand River Ave between the 2 I-69 exits.

And a Love's inside it. Not bad.

Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: CNGL-Leudimin on February 03, 2023, 08:22:37 AM ---And a Love's inside it. Not bad.

--- End quote ---
Which isn't accessible from either I-69 exit! :)

Here's probably one of the more extreme examples out there:
I-70 to I-465/74: Exit 69 EB, exit 73 WB. This is because of the long C/D lanes for the EB exit ramps starting at the airport exit.

In southern New Jersey, thanks to the unsigned Route 76C accessible only from I-76 East and I-676 South, Eastbound traffic on I-76 is routed onto 76C via Exit 354 signed for US 130 North, NJ 168, and I-676. Westbound traffic, however, uses Exit 1D for US 130 North and Exit 2 for I-676. There is no exit signed for NJ 168, but it can be accessed via US 130.


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