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hm insulators:
For example, downtown Phoenix, Arizona has east-west streets named for US presidents (Van Buren, Washington, Pierce and so forth), the Palm Springs area has streets named after famous celebrities that lived there (Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Gerald Ford); in Redondo Beach, California, the little side streets off Catalina Drive are named for gems (Opal, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby).

Does your town or section of town have themed street names? (Tree names are so common, perhaps we can skip those.)

There is a section of Nashville near the airport with planet named streets.,-95.677068&sspn=52.240038,49.921875&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Nashville+International+Airport+(BNA),+Nashville,+Davidson,+Tennessee+37214&ll=36.121878,-86.699102&spn=0.013138,0.012188&z=16

An area around Liberty Rd (MD 26) has Britain-themed streets near I-695 (i.e. Croydon, Essex, Buckingham).

There's a neighborhood in Norman, Oklahoma, where the theme of the north-south streets are assassinated U.S. presidents. There's Lincoln Ave., Garfield Ave., and McKinley Ave. However, they did not rename the next street over when Kennedy was assassinated...

There's a portion of Lincoln that has a few streets named after famous streets in Los Angeles-Hollywood Blvd., La Brea Ave., and Wilshire Blvd. Along with Vine St., which is a major street in the area, it creates an intersection of Hollywood and Vine-the traditional center of Hollywood.

The town of Santa Claus, IN has streets that all have Christmas-themed names.


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