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Themed street names

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My favorite in that suite is "Quagga St."

America's suburbs are crawling with themed subdivisions.  In my profession, I've seen everything from flowers, deer and apples to geology, NASA and The Beatles.  It seems like every town has its tree subdivision, its cuddly animals subdivision, its patriotic subdivision, its hunting subdivision, its place names from another state/country subdivision.  Berries, Ivy League schools, military brass, sailing, the Civil War, horses, authors, fish, spices, jewels... When they run out of those, you can tell some developers are just naming streets after their kids.  Oh and the puns; enough with the puns already.  "Ha, ha, I know, let's name a road EASY STREET!  HA, hA Ha!"

national highway 1:
On Balboa Island, near Newport Beach & Costa Mesa, CA they also do have streets named after gemstones (however Colllins Ave, Marine Ave & Abalone Ave appear in the middle of the development).
Eg. Emerald, Garnet, Pearl, Agate, Opal Topaz, Turqouise, Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Coral, Apolena (?), Amethyst, Onyx, Crystal & Jade.

In Kimmell, Indiana, you could live at the corner of Lincoln St. and Hitler St. :,+kimmell,+in&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=N+Hitler+St,+Kimmell,+Noble,+Indiana+46760&z=16

The SF Valley has many streets named after people... Julie, Darryn, Randiwood, Sherman, Vanowen, Nordhoff, Sepulveda, etc.

My neighborhood has streets named after cities in Texas. I live near the intersection of Allendale and Fort Worth.

Elsewhere, Hampton is FULL of Nautical-themed street names, and near the waterfront along the James River in Old Wythe, the streets are named after Virginia rivers.


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