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hm insulators:

--- Quote from: kj3400 on December 08, 2010, 12:42:46 PM ---An area around Liberty Rd (MD 26) has Britain-themed streets near I-695 (i.e. Croydon, Essex, Buckingham).

--- End quote ---

I can't believe I forgot this one as I grew up in La Canada Flintridge, California: The "Flintridge" part has British-named streets (Oxford, Hampstead, Berkshire, Inverness, Wimbledon).

The Sacramento suburb of Arden-Arcade has several streets named after inventors - Howe, Watt, Whitney, Marconi, Fulton, Edison, and Bell.  (There's also a Wright Street in there somewhere)

the Pacific Beach neighborhood in San Diego has east-west streets named after gemstones, in alphabetical order.  Beryl, Chalcedony, Diamond, Emerald, Felspar (not Feldspar as it should be), Garnet, Hornblend (not Hornblende as it should be).  There's also a random Missouri St between Diamond and Emerald.  Never quite figured that one out...

further north of Beryl, there are out-of-order Agate, Tourmaline, Opal and I think several others that I do not remember.  A map lookup of zip code 92109 should reveal all.

Within the city of Cupertino...

* August Ln - September Dr - October Way - November Dr
* Pumpkin Dr/Ct - Holly Oak Dr - Cranberry Dr/Cir
* Orange Blossom Dr - Peach Blossom Dr - Rose Blossom Dr

Northeast Minneapolis has streets named for the presidents in chronological order.

They go by last name except where there are duplicates, so there's a Quincy and a Benjamin instead of duplicate Adams or Harrison. There's already a Grant elsewhere in the city so that street is Ulysses. They run from Washington to Coolidge.

North of the Twin Cities there is a series of streets, again alphabetical, that are animals. After that they get into chemical elements. I think Dysprosium St is my favorite street name anywhere.


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