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What creative ideas to get into our pockets...AGAIN

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--- Quote ---Our governor is particularly keen on it, too.  It also gives people who drive Stretch Hummer Limos a tax advantage over people who drive Priuses--that's just not right.
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People who give money to Tokyo should be taxed huge amounts. At least Hummer limos are supporting our economy

a couple of other thoughts about all this...

1. A double-edged sword is welded here....when more gas is sold to gas hogs, more money to the government....but if we buy fuel efficient cars like they urge, or demand for gas drops (due to sticker shock) then their tax receipts drop...the taxpayer cant win!

maybe the answer is to tax the gas hogs more heavily at license renewal time...maybe a tax based upon vehicle MPG...Hummer owners would pay more than Focus or Prius owners

as for myself, i live in the Columbus area...apartment is in Canal Winchester, the day job is in Grove City, and the night/weekend job is north of town (Sharon Woods)....i drive about 400 miles per week in NECESSITY driving...this doesnt include the biweekly trip to Dayton to help my mother out which adds another 125 miles...nor does it include any pleasure driving...

even a 1/4 cent per mile tax would add up to a whopping bill i cant really afford!

They're trying to take it Federal:

VMT fee urged by California, Oregon and Washington state transportation heads


--- Quote from: froggie on March 04, 2009, 01:09:05 PM ---
--- Quote ---They're trying to take it Federal:
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Well that's exactly what Transportation Secretary LaHood proposed a couple weeks ago, until the rest of the adminsitration shot it down.

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I had forgot about that.  :banghead:



--- Quote from: deanej on February 22, 2009, 11:58:16 AM ---I don't get what all the hostility to a mileage tax is.  I think it's a good idea, provided:
1. The gas tax is abolished.
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I see this idea becoming more of a possibility in the future as more vehicles will be using some sort of alternative fuel.  The states are already feeling the loss of tax revenue from hybrids, so they'll be looking for some means to keep the future road coffers filled.


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