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Upcoming Road trip to Reno/SF

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum; I joined because of my interest in road trips and scenery. I live in Canby, Oregon (about 20 mi. south of Portland) and am about to take a road trip with my dad and uncle next month. We are planning on hitting Reno and San Francisco on the way and coming back up the coast. Right now our plan is to go I-5 S to Eugene, OR-58 east, US-97 S to Klamath Falls, then hit OR-39 onto CA-139 and down 395 to Reno. After this we'll be taking I-80 to San Fran then going up Hwy. 1 along the California coast (a route I have never taken) to where it intersects US-101 then cutting over somewhere in the central Oregon Coast (probably Florence or Reedsport).

I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions for especially scenic routes we should check out during this trip. I'm especially curious about the Hwy. 1 route in California as I've heard it's an especially scenic drive right along the coast (I've been up 101 on the northern Cali coast but never CA-1). Also, what would be the best route for scenery in the central Oregon Coast (I've been on OR-126 from Florence to Eugene but it's been a long time, and never been on OR-42 or OR-38). Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Since you're asking about scenery, I'd take a route from Reno to San Francisco via Lake Tahoe if you've got the time and have never been before.

There's a couple ways you could go.

(1) US 395 south > NV 431 west > NV/CA 28 west > CA 267 north > return to I-80 @ Truckee. [shortest, gives a glimpse of the lake along north shore.]

(2) US 395 south > NV 431 west > NV/CA 28 west > CA 89 north > return to I-80 @ Truckee. [longer, explores all communities along north shore of lake.]

(3) US 395 south > US 50 west > return to I-80 @ Sacramento. [longest, explores south shore of lake.]

I have been to Tahoe before but it was about 8 years ago and I don't have the pictures anymore...I can't remember if it was the north or south shore. I'd definitely like to visit again though, so I'll have to write these routes down. Thanks!

avoid CA-89 in the Tahoe area.  there are very few views of the lake, and even fewer places to stop ... and the road is clogged with traffic.  the only time I'd recommend driving it is at night under a full moon.

On a recent trip up to central Oregon, my wife and I came into Portland to visit friends and headed back south on I-5.  As of two weeks ago, there were warning signs that OR-58 was closed (might be night only) east of Oakridge.

You may want to go US 20 across the mountains and then south on 97 and rejoin the 5 near Weed.  You get some really stunning views of Mt. Shasta that way!


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