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Videos and news articles of extensive flooding especially on the northern half of the Grand Loop of Yellowstone National Park plus US 89 and US 212 traveling into Montana:


Plans are underway to rebuild and reopen critical road segments in northern Yellowstone National Park. Exact timeframe for construction is being developed. Here is an article from the Casper Star Tribune.

--- Quote ---The work will be fast-tracked by $50 million in emergency funds from the Federal Highway Administration and the diversion of a construction crew from work near Old Faithful. Instead of repairing the badly damaged old road along the Gardiner River that was gouged out in six places by the river, the workers will build an entirely new route between Gardiner and park headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming. ...

The likely scenario is to build the new road between Gardiner and Mammoth, and at some point reopen the roads between Mammoth and Norris, Mammoth and Tower and over the newly rebuilt Dunraven Pass on to Canyon. Sholly said there would be a “hard stop“ at Tower with no traffic allowed into the Lamar Valley and Slough Creek. That is also the route to Cooke City and Silver Gate.

Sholly said he understood the fix would not be perfect, and adjustments could be made along the way to improve the situation. He also stressed the need for town chambers and business people to make sure visitors know about the way to access the southern loop until repairs are completed. ...
On Saturday, the Park Service announced it would begin allowing access through three entrances to the southern half of the park beginning on Wednesday. Under the current plan, cars with license plates ending in even numbers are allowed into the park on even days and cars that have license plates ending in odd numbers are allowed in on odd days. Vanity plates will all be considered odd. People who can prove they have reservations at campsites or hotels will be allowed in on the day of their reservation. If this method does not work, the plan is to go to a reservation system.

What is still uncertain is when the Northeast Entrance near Cooke City and Silver Gate will reopen. The small mountain towns’ economies rely on park visitors so residents are concerned that, without access, their summer season may be lost. Sholly said the Park Service is working on a temporary solution for visitation for the northeast side until a permanent fix can be engineered, adding that details would be forthcoming.

Cooke City and Silver Gate residents also rely on the road through the park to Gardiner for access during the winter as it is the only route opened in the park year-round. Three sections of the road were damaged by the flooding. Part of the $50 million in federal highway funds will also go to reconnecting these damaged segments.
--- End quote ---

Most roads in Yellowstone are reopening on July 2. The north and northeast entrances remain closed for repairs due to flooding.

--- Quote ---The park said in a news release Thursday afternoon that it would reopen its north loop Saturday to all visitors, additionally suspending the temporary alternating license plate system that was put in place to prevent overwhelming the park’s south loop when it first reopened June 22 following prior flood-related closures.

A total of 93% of Yellowstone’s roads will be open as normal, with access to the park open this weekend through the East Entrance in Cody, the South Entrance in Jackson and the West Entrance in West Yellowstone, Montana.

The North and Northeast Entrance roads, both of which are located in Montana, will remain closed to visitor traffic as park officials and crews work on temporary repairs to areas with severe flood damage. ...

A 23-mile portion of the park’s Beartooth Highway on the Wyoming side reopened to visitor vehicles Tuesday with nighttime closures in place.
--- End quote ---

More on US 212 Beartooth Highway is here:

--- Quote ---After repairing damage caused by the recent record-breaking flood event, the Beartooth Highway (US-212), located east of the park’s Northeast Entrance between Red Lodge, Montana, and Cooke City, Montana, partially reopened June 28.

This partial reopening includes 23 miles of the Beartooth Highway beginning at the US-212/WY-296 junction to the Beartooth Ski Hill parking lot.

Travelers will need to turn around at the ski hill parking lot due to flood damage on the remainder of the highway.

The towns of Cooke City, Montana, and Silver Gate, Montana, remain open for visitor travel.
--- End quote ---

Yesterday, Google Maps erroneously rerouted people off Interstate 80 in Wyoming believing the interstate was closed near Rock Springs. Based on a quick test of the app today (July 1), it appears to be fixed.

--- Quote ---The Wyoming Department of Transportation is warning that Google Maps is wrongly telling people that Interstate 80 near Rock Springs is closed and then rerouting the travelers to Colorado, which would add add many hours on to their drive time.

WYDOT spokesman Doug McGee attributed the faulty information to a construction project on I80.

“There’s a large and lengthy highway construction project in that area, as much as 25 miles or so,” McGee told Cowboy State Daily on Thursday. “I think Google’s Artificial Intelligence looks at the motion on people’s cell phones and because of this, it reads as the road is closed, which it is not.”

McGee and fellow WYDOT spokeswoman Jordan Achs both recommended that anyone traveling across Wyoming check WyoRoad.Info, WYDOT’s website that has the most up-to-date road conditions across Wyoming.
--- End quote ---

Google Maps gives some fun detours when I-80 is legitimately closed In WY.  Got sent down a two-laner that turned into a two-track once (I had my suspicions, but what the hey -- big accident that had huge delays).

Bunch of vehicles gave it a try before turning around at a ranch. :D


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