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--- Quote from: Sonic99 on August 18, 2022, 01:33:35 AM ---And that confirms that the GRIC's reasoning for shutting down Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (home to 3 of the few remaining club road racing tracks left in the state, along with the only track in the state capable of hosting NHRA Nationals events) was all bunk. They said in their announcement it was "due to the I-10 widening" and that's why they were closing. But in that video, it's clearly shown that the only RoW needed is at the far corner of the northern end of the property, not even close to any of the tracks. As a motorsports fan, it's painful to see how much we've lost around Phoenix in the last 15 years. Manzanita in 2007, Speedworld and PIR's road course in 2012, ET Motorsports Park in 2021, and now WHPMP in 2023. One drag strip left in the state, and that's past Tucson. One dirt track in the state with Canyon Raceway (with rumors that the State has its eyes on killing it in the near future), and one road course at Arizona Motorsports Park that is so tightly regulated by the local gov'ts that it can't do much more than small club events with heavy sound restrictions.

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Not to mention the loss of IndyCar racing in Phoenix, thanks to the shortsightedness of the present owners of the one mile oval track once known as PIR (who seem to care only about their beloved NASCAR). For nearly 20 years from the early 1980s through the early 2000s, I came out to the Valley every year to attend open-wheel races at 115th Ave & Baseline Rd (now Avondale Blvd & Indian Springs Rd) in the shadow of Monument Hill (which, BTW, was the central survey point for Arizona). But sadly, no more. Hope the world's most competitive motorsports series can return there someday for a race weekend, and not just for occasional private testing.

Plutonic Panda:
ADOT is taking comments for the I-10 project south of Phoenix:

It would be nice if they could get funding to start it in either 2024 or 2025.


--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on August 31, 2022, 04:31:18 AM ---ADOT is taking comments for the I-10 project south of Phoenix:

It would be nice if they could get funding to start it in either 2024 or 2025.

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I believe ADOT has a good chunk of funding already set aside, and are trying to get Federal money to make up the rest.

Plutonic Panda:
Update on federal funding for various projects in Arizona. It mentions upgrades to the railroad in downtown Flagstaff. Itd be nice to see those tracks placed in a trench.


--- Quote from: Great Lakes Roads on August 16, 2022, 10:31:07 AM ---//
Here's a video on the I-10 widening project from Loop 202 to south of SR 387.

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That's a nicely done video showing the improvements. The first question that comes to mind is why are they planning on building a long two-lane road that dead-ends in a turnaround (at time 9:20)? The turnaround/cul-de-sac is directly adjacent to the northernmost planned roundabout at the SR-587 interchange. Surely this has to be a rendering mistake, right? Is it for local access? I checked Google Maps and I don't see even any dirt roads that connect to that proposed road.

Secondly, why are they planning on taking so much ROW (39 acres) to build a new interchange at Seed Farm Road but only making it a diamond interchange with stop signs? With that much ROW, a dumbbell style interchange (diamond with two roundabouts) would work far better.


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