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Large-enough cities passed over for control-city status

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Is this where I mention Maryland skips Wilmington and Philly on 95 north due to the New Jersey Turnpike?


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--- Quote from: Roadgeekteen on September 01, 2022, 03:05:19 AM ---I find it strange that on I-49 south in Missouri, the bigger Fayetteville is passed over in favor of the smaller Fort Smith.

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Fort Smith -- now a major interstate junction.

Fayetteville -- not a major interstate junction.

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I realize that but the NWA metro area is bigger than the Fort Smith metro area, Fayetteville has a major university, and it has walmart. What does Fort Smith have besides the I-40 junction?

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Fayetteville does not have Walmart, Bentonville does. Similarily, Lowell has J.B Hunt, and Springdale has Tyson. Your mistake actually makes a good point for why Fayetteville is not used as a control city (at least by Missouri.. Arkansas uses Fayetteville as a northbound control city, because it wouldn't make sense to have Joplin as a control city instead). While Fayetteville is the largest of the NWA cities (by a narrow margin), the fact that the Northwest Arkansas metro is not centered on one city is what makes it difficult to have any of them as a control city.


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--- Quote from: mgk920 on September 26, 2022, 01:24:31 PM ---Here in Wisconsin, to this day, WisDOT has always passed over the use of 'Appleton' as a control for major roadways leading to NB I- (and before then 'US') 41 in metro Milwaukee, opting for the much smaller 'Fond du Lac', instead.  When I was a kid, this often confused my late father when we were returning from Brewers games, requiring me to set him straight.

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I mean, itís literally called the Fond du Lac Freeway, so that could just be the DOT complying with a local association without doing the logical thing (putting the freeway name on the BGS).

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It was called that because it was built along side of and, in truncated form, feeds into Fond du Lac Ave.  Farther in, it was to become the Park West Freeway.



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