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--- Quote from: Henry on March 02, 2023, 10:43:45 AM ---For a change, I'm enjoying the Kraken's second season. They're currently fourth in the Pacific Division, and at 33-21-6, they've already surpassed their total from last year. Apparently, the old days of slowly and painfully building an expansion team are long gone, as the Vegas Golden Knights' run to the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural season shows.

As for the Blackhawks, it was better than good while it lasted; with those three Stanley Cups from the last decade, it was great. Although I will miss Patrick Kane, I wish him the best of luck with the Rangers.

--- End quote ---

It seems that they want to give the expansion teams a better chance to be in the playoffs, so they give them more talent. Given that the Golden Knights still have a great team and are leading the Pacific Division, I won't be surprised if the Kraken would compete for 1st place not far in the future.

I was watching a Bruins game at Texas Roadhouse yesterday that had closed captioning that used automated speech-to-text. Brad Marchand became a Martian.

Stephane Dumas:
Claude Giroux reach the 1000 points club.

Best playoffs in sports begins in just over a week  :D :D :D

The Bruins have broken the NHL record for most wins in the season. But I only care about one thing this year.

--- Quote from: ET21 on April 11, 2023, 10:08:51 AM ---Best playoffs in sports begins in just over a week  :D :D :D

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It's certainly up there for me with march madness and the NFL playoffs. Much better than the NBA playoffs.


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