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Don't see this anywhere in here, so...

New York was going to request the Southern Tier Expwy become I-92...

Appears in the 1974 application to truncate US 15.

I don't see anything suggesting they actually did.

In the vein of the proposal by Kentucky and Illinois to extend US-58 to East St. Louis, heres a document that mentions a plan by a Mr. Hawks to extend 58 all the way to the Pacific Coast. No specific route is mentioned, but its interesting to think about. Under US 58, DC, and 1952.


--- Quote from: CNGL-Leudimin on September 23, 2020, 08:05:54 AM ---US 241 (the second) was proposed to run all the way up to Michigan City. US 131 was proposed to run all the way down to the Gulf coast, although I haven't seen where exactly because the last pages of that discussion failed to load (I suspect down what is now US 231 and US 331 in Alabama and Florida, ending at Santa Rosa Beach). Not bad.

--- End quote ---

On re-examination of this, I've found out most of this ended up being approved as different routes. The US 241 changes were approved, but the route itself was renumbered to US 431. North of Owensboro, it was taken over by US 231 and US 421 instead. US 231 itself would be extended along the proposed US 131 extension up to Scottsville KY, then northwestwards to rejoin the US 241 proposal at Owensboro; while the southernmost part would be christened as US 331. Only the proposed US 131 route across Indiana, which would have used IN 15, 9, 7 and 3; wasn't approved, and that route would still end abruptly at the Michigan/Indiana state line until 1980 (it would be shifted from IN 15 to IN 13 in 1959).

Max Rockatansky:
The California files from 1957 classified under INTERSTATE has the weird numbers California was proposing for their chargeable Interstates.  For example, the Division of Highways wanted I-13 for what is now I-605 and I-3 for what is now I-280.


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