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September 2022 Central Pennsylvania Road Meet Is now set for 9/24/22

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Finally, after being postponed due to Covid restaurant restrictions I bring you the Sept. 2022 South Central Pennsylvania Road Meet!
The focus of this is on the new diverging diamond interchange on I-83 in Shrewsbury, the first of its kind in York County, we will also travel the southern section of the Susquehanna trail (old US 111) from York to Shrewsbury, we will also check out a newer alignment of PA 214 in the Loganville area that was done in the past 15 years.

Last if we have nice weather and you are up to a good walk after we check out PA 214 we will walk the York County heritage rail trail and check out the oldest active rail tunnel in the United States, the Howard Tunnel, we will park at Gladfelters Station and the walk is around 90 minutes round trip and is the only way to access this tunnel outside of train.

If the weather is not so good an alternative will be determined closer to the time.

We will meet at the new South County Brewery\ restaurant at 11am for lunch and is one of the newest and nicest restaurants in York County and car pool from there. It is located off exit 14 Leader Hights PA 182 exit on I-83 (not far from my childhood home)

define "Traditional".  Restaurant vs park pavilion?  For your information, car pooling did resume with the QC meet.

A.J. Bertin:
I posted a comment in response to the post on the Roadgeekery group on Facebook, but I figured I'd share a response here as well.

I'm glad to hear that you're looking at hosting this meet!  I am interested in attending, but it's unlikely that I'll be able to go in light of the fact that it will be so close to the timing of when I'll be hosting my Outer Banks gathering in April 2022.  I'm nowhere ready to make my official announcement about that (the announcement probably won't come until late fall or early winter), but I've been thinking that my Outer Banks gathering will take place on either April 23 or April 30.  If it turns out that April 23 is the date you go with for your meet, I'll probably choose April 30 for my meet in case there are folks who might be interested in attending both.  I'm not really a fan of the idea of forcing folks to choose.


--- Quote from: SSOWorld on July 11, 2021, 09:34:21 PM ---define "Traditional".  Restaurant vs park pavilion?  For your information, car pooling did resume with the QC meet.

--- End quote ---
I was referring to restaurant, as for car pooling I knew that already.

I have now added a poll for the 2 dates mentioned, these are the only dates I can use for this since I will be in central PA that week for other stuff besides the meet. Thanks everyone!


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