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Need a New 10,000+ Rank Marker

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New rank for 10k-15k: Likes Olive Garden Way, Way Too Much


--- Quote from: vdeane on June 03, 2022, 08:45:13 PM ---New rank for 10k-15k: Likes Olive Garden Way, Way Too Much

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That's just mean.


--- Quote from: jeffandnicole on June 03, 2022, 05:21:25 PM ---This complaint sounds like the people on social forums who, just after having a baby, suddenly complains that vehicles are too loud, fireworks are going off, friends and family should schedule their gatherings around the baby's nap time, and everything we all know needs to change because of the baby.

The marker is what it is.  If someone wants it changed, they should've petitioned the admins when it didn't affect them.

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So I may still say that I don't quite like it?
I remember when I joined, there was a discussion about first user reaching "way too much" and if it is a personal marker or just about leader reaching certain milestone.
Few years later, the joke repeated 20+ times (as in 20+ users with the badge) is no longer funny.

More like "Been Online Way, Way, Too Long"...


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