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Hello from Long Island, NY

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Hello everybody! My name is Ethan, I'm exactly 19 1/2 years old as of posting this, and I'm from Long Island, NY, home of I-495 which I live right near. I've had an obsession with roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. for a long time, probably because I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when I was a baby, or at least back then it was called Aspergers. This is one of my so-called "special interests". I got my license about a year and a half ago (on Dec 30, 2020) and ever since then I've driven on most main Long Island and NYC highways. I plan on doing this with a lot of cities, and my ultimate goal and dream is to drive from NYC to Vegas for EDC, a music festival I plan on going to in a few years. Once again, my name is Ethan and I'm so excited to join this forum which I only discovered recently! Nice to meet you all!

Welcome from within a mile of a different I-495 (Massachusetts)!

Welcome from Massachusetts. Iíve been to Las Vegas before. Itís a cool city.

Hello from Florida! Iím originally from the other side of the metro area, in North Jersey.

Welcome from the other corner of the state! Long Island is the one part of the state where I haven't done much traveling. I'd love to explore it more, though, and Montauk is definitely on the bucket list.


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