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I-80N super-two photos (2 of them, near Baker and Ontario) can be found in FLICKR; search under "Notre Dame Glee Club" album.  This portrays Notre Dame trip to Seattle in 1965.  These super-two photos are intermixed with numerous other (albeit non-highway) photos in this album, so you'll have to pick them out.  I did not attach them because I don't know copyright status.  Also, there is a You-Tube video depicting a 1962 trip to the Seattle World's Fair.  It shows an I-80N super-two segment near Weatherby, Oregon.

Additional info regarding I80N super 2:  See YouTube video, "Vintage Roadtrips - 1962 Seattle World's Fair."  Starting at 4:00, you will see I80N crossing from Idaho to Oregon, then going from Ontario on to Huntington.  Some super-2, some 3-lane.  Also, further on, you'll see vintage 80N (with guardrail divider) somewhere near LaGrande, possibly along the Grand Ronde River at Perry; not sure though.  Also, some shots descending 3-lane Cabbage Hill, and the Junction with Oregon 11 at the foot of the grade.

^ Iím fairly certain you can provide the links to these sourcesÖ itís not exactly copyright if youíre still redirecting to the original source.

Even better.


80N near Ontario OR, 1965:


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