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Themed street names

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--- Quote from: Road Hog on June 29, 2020, 01:43:40 AM ---Regarding the naming of streets after presidents ó there is a new subdivision the next town over that manages to do it alphabetically!








That's where it ends. I guess Harrison (both iterations) would be next. Followed by Johnson (twice as well), than Kennedy, Lincoln and a rock-paper-scissors among Madison, Monroe, Millard, McKinley and Milhous.

No I's unless you wanted to double up with an Ike.

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Where is the subdivision in question?

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Not OP, but itís in Celina, Texas with the coordinates (33.3126760, -96.6655886)

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Celina address but technically in the city of Weston. The subdivision is Van Buren Estates.

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Glad to see South Carolina isn't the only place with the postal address being one town and being incorporated within another  :-D

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You should see the "lake country" of Waukesha, WI.  I have a friend who lives in the Town of Delafield, but his mailing address is Pewaukee and his kids are in the Hartland school district.

I know someone with a Freeland address, Freeland phone number and Hemlock schools and they live in Midland County. Freeland is in Saginaw County, so is Hemlock and both have their own school districts.


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