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US 31 freeway gap in Michigan finally will be filled (well 1 of them anyway)

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Terry Shea:
Does anyone know if any stimulus money is going to be used to fill in the non-freeway gaps along US-31 in Michigan?  I know work was supposed to begin on M-231 (to be built as a 2 lane road along the future US-31 freeway ROW and later converted when funds are in place-sounds really stupid to me) from I-96 to M-45 next year I believe, but I was wondering if the stimulus package would allow for it to be built as a 4 lane freeway sooner.  Also it seems like the Napier Ave to I-94 connection should be about ready to be built one way or the other.  Actually it should have been built years, if not decades ago.  The MDOT site is of absolutely no use.  They haven't updated either of these pages in years and seem to be very guarded about any kind of information about future projects in general, kind of like the military and the government giving out info about UFO sightings.  It would really be nice to get these projects completed during my lifetime.   

Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: leifvanderwall on March 30, 2009, 11:59:00 AM ---In my opinion, the stimulus money should be used for the existing road because I-196/ US 31 in Berrien and Van Buren Counties is not in good shape. Also US 31 freeway between US 12 and the Indiana Toll Road is in terrible shape as well. As far as making US 31 a complete freeway, you might as well as name it Interstate 67. You see this is why this country has to stay out of wars. The War In Iraq has cost this country at least 3 trillion dollars if not more and the money we gave to Haliburton could have been used to make US 31 from Indianapolis to Ludington and perhaps Traverse City the new I-67 freeway. We really need freeways and roads to rebuild the economy.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, but Obama's going to spend (waste) way more than that even if he eliminates a war.  But I guess as long as he's going to spend money I hope he throws some in our direction, and I hope Granholm and our legislature get their act together, but that's probably asking for the impossible.

Apparently, they're still in an environmental study for the US-31 connection between Napier and I-94.

Terry Shea:

--- Quote from: Hellfighter06 on March 30, 2009, 02:47:10 PM ---Apparently, they're still in an environmental study for the US-31 connection between Napier and I-94.

--- End quote ---
No, both the FSEIS and the ROD were both given in 2004.  MDOT still hasn't updated the respective web pages but they now have this announcement on the Projects Under Study page:

Environmentally Cleared Projects

The following studies have completed the environmental clearance process, but have not been identified for construction.

I-94 Rehabilitation Study / East of the I-94/I-96 interchange to west of the Conner Avenue, Detroit
M-32 Spur Bridge
M-85/Fort Street Bridge
US-31 Connection to I-94 / Napier Avenue to I-94 in Berrien County
US-131 Improvement Study in St. Joseph County

So I guess after spending millions of dollars in the planning stages there are no current plans to get this last 2 and half mile stretch completed.  Unbelievable!

The MDOT site is a total farce. Nothing but useless un-updated pages. Look at other DOT sites from neighbouring states...much much better!


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