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If I Could Put A Road Meet Together Would Anyone Come?


Im not sure if i could or not but do yall(the people who live in Texas or like to drive long distances :D) come or think of coming? Cause i could show-off US 67/277, US 87, BR 67 Loop 306. im not sure what all i could show-off. Anyone?

Tell you what, you wait until the summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college (which would be the summer of 2011), I'll try and make it out to San Angelo  :D

After all, I was planning a nice lil' roadtrip for that time, so certainly I could include some road meet stops.

quite possibly seeing as I am moving 2/3 of the way to your neck of the woods in a week and a half, and very likely will end up in Texas (Austin is the strongest possibility) when I get a job.

I like how San Angelo has three US highways coming in almost completely symmetrically, with the roads all separated by approximately 60 degrees.  Usually you get two at 90 degrees, but you have three.

Depending on when/what day of the week it is I could very conceivably drive down to San Angelo for a road meet

Looks like it's within striking distance of OKC, and I've never been to that part of Texas. Depending on when it is, I could try to make it.

Grab a TxDOT map and try to come up with a route that includes both interesting things and hits as many of the surrounding counties as possible, a voila, instant tour route! :D


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