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Florida's Turnpike to go cashless over the entire system

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I'd bet that either it would pick up the state license plate's design and number/letter code and bill the owner properly, or it'd just read the number/letter code and bill some person from FL with the same number/letter code on his/her license plate.

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It shouldn't bill a FL driver in error for an out-of-state driver. Our plates are mostly ###AAA or A###AA. If they were to bill by plate, there should be a camera mounted for each lane of the toll plaza, at a height that would allow for clear pictures of license plates.

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Tennessee's regular plates are also ###AAA as I'm sure many other states are.  I'm sure they plate recognition will try to differentiate between states.  The plethora of specialty plates will make it even harder.  I wonder what % will have to have a human look at them?

Of course, with more and more tollways going electronic only, plus the proposed i-80 project in PA, I'm sure this will be an area the software people will be working on heavily.

I heard that sooner or later, the Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway in Tampa will eventually go cashless.  It's already cashless on the reversible elevated express lanes from downtown Tampa to Brandon.

By going cashless it would alleviate all those traffic jams that are common at toll plazas where people are lining up waiting to pay a cash toll while people with a SunPass whiz on by.  It would also reduce the accidents happening at the toll plazas caused by people who change lanes at the very last minute because of being in the wrong lane (such as being in a SunPass lane without a SunPass).

And I agree, SunPass needs to be inter-operable with EZ-Pass.  It would make life a lot easier for those that live up north and come down to Florida for the Winter and at the same time make it easier for Floridians like me to use the toll roads and bridges up north without having to purchase an EZ-Pass.  Talk about convenience!

when i drive from PCB to Miami will i need SunPass? cash will work? i am planning on renting a car for the trip also.

Now, this is, IMHO, a legitimate reason to go cashless.

Bogus big bills have Florida's Turnpike recording license plates

I could not agree more.  Whenever the Turnpike loses $20 in toll revenue due to counterfeit currency, that loss is a significant impact on the bottom line for operations, expansion and improvements.  Nothing of this issue has been published in the newspapers.  I would not be surprised that most of this fraud occurs in Miami-Dade County where toll running with or without a valid Sunpass has become sport.


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