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US 41 in Florida question

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In the image of the 'END US 41' signs in Miami, FL,-80.191711&spn=0,359.997253&z=19&layer=c&cbll=25.766333,-80.191418&panoid=Eicb7lz3Gb_SV6Naa4-0AQ&cbp=12,87.89,,0,-3.09
I note that they show US 41 as being and east-west highway.  There are 'WEST US 41' signs on that street's westbound counterpart.

Where does US 41 make its transition between being 'north-south' and 'east-west'?

Mike (living a very short distance off of US 41)

in Naples, I believe.  The old US-94 is the route between Naples and Miami Beach.  41 and 94 used to end at each other, but in 1950, US-94 became an extension of US-41.

U.S. Highway 41 becomes signed as an east/west route between the eastern end of Loop Road (CR 94) and Florida 997 (Krome Ave/SW 177th Avenue) in Miami-Dade County. It is still signed as a north/south route at Florida 29 north of Everglades City.

No, 41 turns East-West exactly at the county line.  That's how it's signed from the mainline.

From Wikipedia:

The 165 mile (266 km) north-south section (hidden SR 45) extends to Naples, whereupon it becomes an east-west road (hidden SR 90) crossing the Everglades (and forming part of the northern border of Everglades National Park) before becoming Southwest Eighth Street in Miami-Dade County (“Calle Ocho” in the Little Havana section of Miami).


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