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Lake County, FL fractional county route shields

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Years ago, when Lake County CRs 561 and 561A were separate entities, they duplexed a couple of blocks north of SR 50 in Clermont. (Now, CR 561 has been stripped out of Clermont and Minneola and routed onto what was CR 561A). SPUI stated on a site he used to maintain that the two routes were shielded as a fraction, and I was wondering does anyone have photos of the sign?

I asked SPUI this question, and he came back with

A tiny pic, it is! (Is that deliberate?) ;)


--- Quote from: florida on November 25, 2009, 06:17:40 PM ---A tiny pic, it is! (Is that deliberate?) ;)

--- End quote ---
Got one better? (:

Sadly, no. Even this place in Mascotte, which has old advertisement signs and an old signal outside of it, doesn't even have one hanging on the outside walls.

I will go pout, now.


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