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User-friendly Mississippi traffic count maps

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Just looking at the existing 6-lane part of I-10, the traffic counts on the 4-lane segments warrant upgrading, since they are at or near the levels of the 6-lane segments.  Noted that US 49 south of I-10 is well into the 40k's.  The proposed I-310 would really clean that area up.

Those are good maps, as opposed to those horrible maps they have at ILDOT of INDOT. For me, states who sort their traffic counts per county are the worst. I think I have like 50 PDFs of Florida traffic counts (all their counties).

A bit of an improvement over their previous PDF traffic count maps, I'll agree.

That said, I'd suggest taking the Gulf Coast counties counts with a grain of salt.  Given the vast upheaval of traffic flow that Katrina induced, I'd only trust counts that were taken in 2007 or 2008.  Several of the locations along I-10 haven't had counts taken since 2004...what you're seeing there is estimates since then.  But MDOT's estimating formulas didn't take Katrina into account.

Regarding Chris's comment, for me, sorting traffic volumes by county isn't the issue.  It's those who sort them by town/township and don't include maps (Maine in particular) that are.

IL DOT does have a downloadable pdf beside the horrible interactive one

Does anyone know a link to all the states? It would benice to have a national one of the Interstates and NHS


See the new topic in General Highway Talk.


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