Interstate 595 Broward County Florida construction update

Started by xcellntbuy, January 28, 2010, 02:34:12 PM

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This morning's edition of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a large page 3 article by Michael Turnbell about the five-year expansion, reconstruction, expansion and installation of three HOT lanes in the center median.  I hope our members find it of interest:,0,2628330.story

Long before I moved to south Florida 12 years ago, I read that it cost $1 billion to build the current 6-8-lane highway and all of its ramps, flyovers and two massive stacks.  It will now cost $1.2 billion to rebuild and expand it 50-100% in size depending upon the location and add the toll lanes in the center.


Members of this forum may find this article of interest from today's front page of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  Extensive construction and highly aggressive driving habits in south Florida don't mix well.,0,1415317.story

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